Your Time is So Precious

If you’re thinking of traveling but aren’t sure, read this!

The Travel Faerie

Hello, all! I am wishing you ahappy late Thanksgiving and a merry early Christmas!

Here I am on the cusp of another adventure, which I’m so thankful to be able to experience. In eight days I leave for Europe, on an excursion through Amsterdam, Prague, Rome, and Barcelona. Five months I’ve been waiting for this moment, and here it is…only a week away.


The house where Anne Frank lived, pimps fending off would-be photographers in the Red Light District, bridges over water with quaint townhomes in the background, winding catacombs lined with skulls, all the colors that make up the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the mountain town of Montserrat gleaming in the distance, and the thrum of music beating like Barcelona’s heart beneath the streets.


Life here in Nashville, “real” life, feels as pale and intangible as a ghost compared to that. Those images are what get me…

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