Interview with Camille Willemain of This American Girl!

Check out my recent interview with Camille Willemain of This American Girl travel blog! Awesome for anyone thinking of traveling out of the country.

The Travel Faerie

Hi there, lovelies!

Long time, no talk. I’ve been busy with a new job, moving, and trying to finish this dadgum first draft! What have you all been up to?

As you may know, back in June I went out of the country for the first time. I have a lovely and oh-so-generous friend who offered to let me stay at her place for a week in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. It was (and here I refer you to my previous post on my trip) nothing short of magic. While riding the bus back from Puerto Viejo to San Jose, my friend asks if I’ve ever heard of the blog This American Girl. I conceded that I had not. After returning to a place where I had internet I looked up This American Girl.

I fell in love with it, and with creator, Camille Willemain. This chick has been everywhere…

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