And Your April Fools’ Query Queen Is…

Everyone give a gigantic congratulations to contestant number seven, Miss Y.R. Jones!

Her entry, LIKE YESTERDAY, is our April Fools’ Query Contest winner!

I will be in contact with our winner within the next couple days and hopefully we will have her interview up by this weekend.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who participated and followed this contest. And thank you to the contestants who took the time to vote on their fellow authors’ work. The goal of the contest was not to win but to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your query and first 250. To any who feel discouraged in the wake of this contest: Remember that opinions are just opinions. You might mull over the votes you received for a week and decide you agree with them…or you may decide the opposite. But that’s your choice; you are the author and you have the final say in this world you’ve created. Criticism will always hurt, but enduring it makes you a stronger person.


The Query Faerie 


5 thoughts on “And Your April Fools’ Query Queen Is…

  1. As no-one else has yet left any comments here, I’ll be the first to publicly congratulate the winner.


    I’m sure everyone will be awaiting the results of your interview.

  2. Colossal thanks to all, especially the generous Query Faerie for granting us this opportunity. The support, kind words, and critiques are very much appreciated and also grant me the confidence I needed to keep pushing this MS. It’s been a wonderful and learning experience!

  3. Reblogged this on Think Positive, Think Write and commented:
    This is the 2nd contest I’ve entered for “Like Yesterday” and the first I’ve won. I might be on the right track with this manuscript – just might be. But this contest wasn’t about winning; it’s about helping to shape queries and the opening words of a manuscript. As all writers who seek agent representation know, if you don’t reel in an agent w/ a query and then snatch them w/in the first page, then chapter 2 or 20 won’t matter. I’ve learned a great deal from this contest, as I’m sure the other participants did as well. I’ve already tweaked my query again b/c of it.

    Next up – sealing the story. 🙂

  4. Congratulations Yvonne, your query and first page truly deserve to be the winner. Good luck!

    I also want to thank Query Faerie for organizing this contest. This is a great learning experience for me. From this contest, I get feedbacks on what works and what doesn’t work. I will definitely consider all the feedbacks when trying to improve my query letter and first page.

    I feel that “grading” other writers’ query and first page is just as important as receiving the “grade.” Oftentimes we can tell what’s wrong with other people’s works more readily than we can tell what’s wrong with our own writing. By pointing out what doesn’t work in our peers’ writing, we learn to avoid these mistakes in the future.

    Thanks again for this learning opportunity.

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