Announcing My April Fools’ Query Contest 2014!

The Query Faerie


A Tale of Feedback, Growth,
and Loving Thy Fellow Writer

Start polishing those queries and the first 250 of your manuscript, guys. I am incredibly excited to announce my very first query contest!

To Enter:

You must follow my blog. It isn’t necessary to follow me on Twitter, but I would love it if you did (that way you can keep up with the contest). We will be tweeting under #AFQC.

The Guidelines:

I will begin accepting queries and your first 250 words at 12:00 am CST April 1st, 2014 and will continue accepting queries until 12:00 am April 2nd, 2014 (one full day). When sending your entries please include your name, word count, and the title of your novel in the subject line (THE NOVEL—Jane Doe, 70,000 words). Novels do not have to be complete to enter. Format for your entry should be…

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