THE WATCHTOWER By Darke Conteur Review


A Tale of One-Eyed Worms (hehe), Zombification,

Supernatural Talents, and Slowing Down


His first day of work wasn’t what Martin Cunningham expected. A sultry boss, a classy receptionist, the drama-queen foreigner, and a painfully shy techie who prefers hiding to human interaction, was the oddest group of characters he’d ever met. When an assassination attempt is made against his new boss, Martin comes face to face with the stuff of nightmares.

Now he and his new co-workers must race to prevent another attack, but where do they start? There’s very little to go on, and the only solid piece of evidence escaped through the u-bend in the toilet. By the end of the day, Martin becomes one of the privileged few who really understand what lies in the shadows, and what it means to work in THE WATCHTOWER. 

My Rating: 3.5 Stars


From the first sentence I knew that I would enjoy this book, and with my busy schedule the short length of it was also appreciated.

“Napoleon Bonaparte once said that there were two motivations to move men; inspiration and fear, but for Martin Cunningham, starvation was a damn good means of motivation too.” 

I’ve typed the sentence as it appeared. Right away I can tell this piece has voice and attitude, and I like it. But if you’re a grammar Nazi like me, you’ll notice the incorrect usage of the semi-colon and the run on in the first sentence. Sorry, but it’s engrained in my being to notice these things. 

I have two main complaints: All the typos! I was able to look over them, of course, but there were a lot. I urge Darke to get a CP, beta, or editor. This could have gotten a solid 4 if there weren’t so many typos.

And that ties into this: About halfway through I noticed that things seem a little rushed. It almost felt like I had tripped and suddenly I was tumbling down a steep hill—scenes were flying past me, I hit my face on some dialogue, bruised my leg trying to get traction on the descriptions. I started to lose track of what was going on. Martin is visiting hell, then he’s at the Russian Embassy, then he’s in an underground cave. I loved the fast pace in the beginning of the novel. It kept me on my toes. But I found myself wishing that Darke had taken the time to describe the surroundings and actions a little more, flesh out the dialogue and character interactions. There’s a scene that’s in Daniel’s POV that I thought could have been a lot better. Daniel is such an interesting character and I was disappointed with the scene. 

Regardless, I love these characters! Jezryall is awesome, and for some reason I pictured her as Salma Hayek from the beginning. Barb is awesome, too, and I really enjoyed the scene that was in her POV. It was an insight into her complex character. Aslin was…a stick in the mud, but I’m sure that’s how his character was meant to be. I do wish she had called him either Aslin OR the Scot. Using the two names interchangeably got confusing. I enjoyed Martin as well, though he was kind of slow at times, needing verbal clarification from other characters when I already understood what was going on. I wanted to be allowed to infer a bit more. 

It was fast-paced but the whole plot arc was there. Overall, I thought it was a really interesting read. It was chock full of supernatural stuff, and I didn’t mind that there was no romance. Martin did call barb “Beautiful” once, and I swear there was sexual tension! Maybe that’s just my twisted brain making something out of nothing (if anything, he likes Jez). It was an interesting take on Hell, demons, Greek deities, zombies and a smattering of other paranormal entities.

If you find yourself in the mood for some fast-paced supernatural fun, this is the book for you!



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