The End of 2013–Writer Resolutions


A tale of procrastination, ink blood, rejection,
hope lost and found again, and The One

It’s the end of another year. It’s true that the older you get, the faster the years go by. I can remember last New Year’s Eve like it was only a month ago. Life-wise this year has been incredibly productive. I graduated with a degree in Paralegal Studies, snagged an amazing job with awesome co-workers, and met some wonderful writer friends.

Writing-wise, though, this year has been the opposite of productive. I finished my second manuscript in early 2012, I believe. I had it professionally edited and didn’t touch it again until mid-2013. Bad Query Faerie, you say? I agree. I have been very bad. When I picked up the MS again and tried to rewrite the parts that were desperately in need of rewriting, it felt like I was plucking my wings off one by one!

And slowly I began to realize that this novel I dedicated three years of my life to was not the novel I wanted to be writing. It felt like a break up. I had bonded with these characters, loved them, slaved over their words and actions for countless hours in a day. How could they betray me by not being original enough, not following the plot I had ordained for them, and taking part in *gasp* tropes? It felt as though I had nothing to my name. Before this moment I was the girl that wrote, the girl with two manuscripts under her belt, the girl that had accomplished something! I thought surely this MS would be the one, but now I find myself starting over…again.

So I just wanted to say that it’s okay. It’s okay if you’ve been writing that novel for years, if the pages are made from your solidified hopes and dreams, and your blood is the ink, and that niggling little voice begins to whisper in the back of your head that this novel isn’t good enough. That’s okay because one day, you will have a novel that IS good enough. But sometimes this novel just isn’t The One.

Those hours, days, years you spend pouring yourself onto paper, those are all practice that lead up to The One. Each word you put onto paper makes you a better writer. Cherish each rejection because they build character and strength, make you crave the “yes” even more.

All that being said, my New Years writing resolution is to finish my third MS, and also to help out self-pubbed authors and fellow queriers with this blog!

So my question for you is: What did you accomplish (or not accomplish) in 2013? What do you hope to accomplish in the year 2014?

Thanks for reading!


The Query Faerie


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